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Best Vivitar Digital Cameras In South Africa Reviews


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Competition can be very good for buyers - it ensures better quality and service all the time. Vivitar digital cameras came in and have tried to offer gain some competitive advantage over the known brands. This digital camera is versatile, sporty, and very easy to use.There are more than fifteen models of Vivitar digital cameras to choose from.

This includes three DVR models, which include MP3 player, DVR functions and of course digital camera functions.

To break through the scene, Vivitar digital cameras used a lot of PR. They got press coverage through a variety of venues. This include introductions to the celebrity mainstream like the during The Sundance Film Festival and even the MTV Music awards. The bottom line is that Vivitar vivicam digital cameras are popular because they are easy to use, produce great pictures and are affordable.

The DVR-530, one of 3 DVR representations of the Vivitar vivicam digital cameras

The best thing about this model is that you can record your own movies, play MP3 music files and take some great pictures. It is comprised of 5.0 mega pixels, 4x digital zoom and a 2.5 inch display screen to view your pitures and moviews from. You can add a great software and 1 GB flash card memory along with a few bells and whistles and have yourself a winning combination for those home movie fans.

ViviCam 6200w are water proof

ViviCam 6200w, which is one of the Vivita digital camera line is waterproof. The body of the camera is supplemented with rubber and is water proof up to 30 feet under water. This makes it a great piece of equipment for use in swimming pools and diving fun. The ViviCam 6200w comes with a 6.0 mega pixels, two inch color screen on the back of the camera to preview your picture shots. It has built-in flash, support for up to 1 GB memory cards and even great software support. This VivCam 6200w has become a hot favorite for active digital camera enthusiasts in South Africa .

Other Vivitar Digital Cameras To Choose

As mentioned, the Vivitar digital cameras comes in a number of subbrands . There is an excellent line of digital cameras starting from 5.0 mega pixel resolution all the way down to 10.0 mega pixel resolution. You can get yourself the best digital camera from this Vivitar line - basically, you are only hampered by your budget in terms of which Vivitar digital cameras to choose from.

These brands include, Vivitar vivicam 35, 5100, Vivicam 8400, 3785, 5385, and the Vivicam 6300.

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