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Casio digital camera review


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The Casio Ex-Z line has software capabilities for loading straight on to your You Tube website. Examples include, exilim z1000, ex z60, exilim z600, exilim z770, 700 and ex exilim z850.

Casio EX-S Line of Cameras  

 If you are looking for very slim then the Casio EX-S line of digital cameras is for you.

Like the EX-Z it has You Tube capabilities and a larger LCD screen i.e. 2.8 inches.


it also has recognition and face detection technology and comes in some eye-catching colors like bright red and blue and is among the thinnest digital cameras on the market today. Its downside is its picture clarity when compared with the EX-Z. Examples include, Casio exilim S770 digital camera and the Casio ex exilim S500. 

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