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HP Digital Cameras South Africa  


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A picture never lies, so goes the old saying and I could not agree more.HP digital cameras in South Africa are a good example of this if quality is made a priority, since this brand is associated with quality. The introduction of digital cameras has made it easy to take as many pictures as you want. This article will guide you on how to shop for digital cameras from HP in South Africa.


There are quite a number of digital cameras from this British companyto choose from.There are those that are relatively expensive and those that well; cost less. This is determined by the quality of the make of that particular camera in question.

HP CA350

Is one of the widely used HP digital cameras in South Africa.This camera has 5 times the digital zoom and supports AA batteries. Its light sensitivity is ISO 3200.Its shooting programs are aperture, priority, manual and scene. It has exposure modesof fireworks and landscape with special effects which are vivid and landscape.Its white balance can be performed manually.It makes use of USB connection. The price of this product ranges from R1.119 and is available from ShopMania.The HP Photosmart C200 too is also available from this online shop.

HP Photosmart C200

This camera is available for a price around R155.00 and its image format is JPEG and TIFF.It has a built in flash with USB connection.Its view finder is optical and its shooting programs are aperture, priority, manual, exposure compensation and auto. Its optical sensor type is CCD and has an auto focus lens.

HP Photosmart M417

With 16 MB internal memory that has SD/MMC slot, 2AA batteries this camera has a resolution of 5.4 megapixels. Its lens focal range is from 0.5 m to infinity(normal). It also has a date imprinting white auto with sun, shade, tungsten, fluorescent picture modes. It also comes with a USB cable. This product is available at a price ranging from R853 and you can purchase it from want it allwhich also deals in HP digital cameras in South Africa.

HP 10MP Digital Camera CA350

You can get this camera for a price ranging from R768.00 and you can get it from bidorbywhich also deals in a number of other camera brands.Click hereto compare or buy.

HP Photosmart R937 digital compact camera

This camera is highly rated if you are looking to shoot a good picture without having to adjust a lot of settings. It comes with a modest price and is sure beautiful with a lot of lovely features. The camera however is said to be lacking when it comes to wide angle otherwise, its lens quality is amazing.

The range of cameras from HP is quite extensive and some of the dealers inHP digital cameras in South Africa are bidorby, want it all, and Shopmania.co.za to name them.So whether you are looking for that high quality camera or a simple camera from HP with these shopping sites you are covered. HP is a brand known to produce quality so rest assured that even those simple cameras from them has been engineered with the greatest of craftsmanship.


  • There are a number of sites that provide digital cameras from HP in South Africa.
  • The HP CA350 has 5 times digital zoomand supports AA batteries. Itmakes use of the USB cable and cost around R1 119.00 from Shopmania.co.za.
  • The HP Photosmart C200 is available for about R155.00 and its image is format is JPEG and TIFF.
  • The HP Photosmart M417 has 16 MB inbuilt memory with a resolution of 5.4 megapixels.It is available from R853 from want it all.
  • The HP 10MP Digital Camera CA350 from bidorby is available for about R768.00with a number of other camera brands.
  • The number of cameras from HP in South Africa is quite inexhaustible. Some of the sites that do provide them are Shopmania.co.za, want it all and bidorby.
  • HP cameras are produced by a highly rated company so even their simple cameras can surely deliver.

Additional Information

HP Photosmart E317

This camera has a resolution of 5.10 megapixels with no optical zoom.Its maximum resolution is 2560 by 1920 pixels.You are limited to 20 pictures using the flashlight and it does not use USB power when connected to the pc instead it uses battery power. Thus it drains the battery when downloading.

HP Photosmart E427

With a resolution of 6.00 megapixels this camera also has no optical zoom. It has a built in flash and its white balance include auto, cloudy, fluorescent, incandescent and sunny.There is relatively a hugevariety of cameras from the HP Photosmart range and bidorby offers them.


1. Physical Address:

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Enquiries: Enquiries@wantitall.co.za  

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  Fax: 086 602 0247 

2. Physical Address 

bidorbuy (Pty) Ltd 

Ground Floor, Building 2
Silverpoint Office Park
22 Ealing Crescent

Postal Address 

P.O. Box 6009
South Africa 

Customer Support Email


3.SC Asesoft Net SRL
MihaiBravu, 10, Ploiesti, Prahova, 100550, RO
VAT number: RO16451481 

4.Contact Us On
JHB tel: +2711 234 0142
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5. Telephone Number +27 11 795 9500  

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Postal Code   2032 

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