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The evolution of Traditional Cameras to Digital Cameras in South Africa


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While everything else was taking off at a rather fast pace in terms of technological advancement, improvement in cameras to finally get to digital cameras was slow and painful.A fact is, the fast paced society has created a high expectation in consumers' minds, that of change and change that is quick - every time and in everything. 

This is why for camera users, the stagnancy in the improvement of cameras from traditional to digital cameras was a painful journey.

This was mainly caused by the lack of improvement in the chemical process used to develop camera films; the process had not changed for decades and there was no hope to see it ever change anytime soon. Of course this was to be proved otherwise with the introduction of digital cameras.

Digital cameras are cost effective

As to be expected, people want change and they want it now but when it comes they question it - this is exactly what happened when the first digital cameras started making an entrance into the South African consumer market - actually even when it first appeared in other larger economies. Most people chose to stick with the tried and tested. At first digital cameras were seen as an expensive gadget that was meant for those who love fancy stuff.

It was not until people started noticing the cost effectiveness of owning a digital camera as compared to continuously buying and developing a film. In essence the cost of buying the film and developing it consequently added up to buying a large number of digital cameras.

Market trends have always been interesting to observe - one moment no one wanted to buy digital cameras and then instantly everyone was buying one. Suddenly it made sense to everyone to own one not just to stay up to "class" but for the convenience of use. Today there is what marketers call secondary demand for digital cams, people have moved from wanting a digital camera to wanting a specific brand such as Canon digital cameras, sony digital cameras and even digital SLR camera.

Digital cameras produce quality

One other advantage of the digital camera over the traditional cameras is the picture quality and availability of custom settings. People love to be in control and digital cameras gave them that. With the advent of the internet, people are able to further use digital camera review sites to find the best cheap cameras. Afterall quality is key.

Digital cameras come with extra features and allow for customization of settings

In addition to being in control, consumers love more stuff and digital cameras offer more this. For example, while this remains a far cry from digital camcorders, it is still a nice little add on to a camra and a function that is more worth having than not.

While the fall of the traditional cameras meant a fall in market share for some industry players and is a shame to see the traditional camera fall from grace so to speak, it is also understandable that new products bring with them efficiency and progress and that is what today's generation is looking for. As such, the advent of the digital camera in South Africa and other international consumer markets spelled the great dawning of a new day.

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