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Canon Cameras in South Africa  


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If you are looking for best online bargains forCanon Cameras in South Africa,digital camera accessorieslikememory cards, lens, digital camcorders and photographic accessories, let me start by assuring you that you are on the right page. You will find real reviews that will help you decide exactly what kind of camera you are looking for. 


Here is a brief history of Canon (if you are interested)

What toLook For When Buying Camera

Before you decide what camera to buy you should know how much you are exactly willing to pay for it. After we have ascertained that we can go on to considering features of the camera. Image quality, features and specs, ergonomics and the performance are some of the things you need to consider before you buy a camera. What the camera will be used for also counts on the features that your camera has.

Before I dwell on specific kinds of Canon Cameras in South Africa, I should mention that there are four categories into which cameras could be classified into. These are Compact, ultra compact, super zoom, enthusiastdigital cameras

Cannon Speedlite 430EXII

This is a sophisticated supreme camera that features an adjustable zoom range of fourteen to fifteenmillimetres and a head flash that can be turned to one hundred and eighty degrees. In addition this camera has a zoom flash head that ranges for over 24-105. This camera ispowered by AA4 batteries. This camera costs about R2499.99. Click Here to view or buy

Nikon Speedlight SB700

This is another sophisticated and powerful camera that meets the demands of a photographer. Itfeatures a Speedlight compatible together with FX and DX format SLRs, and a Nikon illuminationsystem. And a Multi-step power-zoom: covers a wide 24-120mm angle of focus. In addition to the complex and convenient features for easy operation it has a clear and simple to view LCD Monitor. This camera can be bought at the above mentioned website and it only costs R3299.99.When talking about Canon Cameras In South Africa,Camcorner is another site where you can also find really hot deals.


This is also a powerful camera that has A 55-300mm focal length with a 35 mm which is almost the same as 82.5-450mm. This camera costs about R2999.99and has a mounting that protects the screen from dust and water.

Canon EF 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS DSLR Lens

This is a powerful and supreme performance camera that takes high quality images and there is no way one can talk about Canon Cameras In South Africa without mentioning it. It has an ideal focal length that is suitable for photographers who are seeking quality lens.This camera also has an imagestabilizer technology that takes images moving at a great velocity without showing the blur impact on the photograph. This camera costs about R2649.99. This camera has some accessories that can be bought along it, like a Falcon Dust Off R89.95, Lens Pen Cleaning Pen R135.99, Fujiyama 850mm Circular Polarizing Lens Filter R349.95,

I hope with the information that you have read on Canon Cameras In South Africa will be enough to help you get the hottest bargains on these gadgets.


  • Price ranges are an important aspect to consider when buying a camera. 
  • Image quality, features and specs, ergonomics and the performance are some of the features to be considered when buying a camera. 
  • The camera you buy should be able to serve the purpose you have intended for. If you will be taking snap shots, then buy a suitable affordable camera. 
  • Cameras can be divided into four categories namely compact, ultra compact, super zoom, enthusiast and digital cameras. 
  • The Cannon Speedlite 430EXII digital camera costs $2499.95 
  • TheNikon Speedlight SB700 with latest image stabilizer that takes images of moving objects only costsR3299.99 
  • Nikon AF-SDX55-3OOmmF4.5ED VR DSL LENS costsR2999.99  

Additional Information

Make it a point that the camera you have decided to buy has good features like optical zoom lens and a number of critical manual controls. It is recommended that you choose a camera with an adjustable dioptre if you are wearing sunglasses. This feature allows you to adjust the viewfinder focus and capture your subject clearly. If you are not well acquainted with cameras, it is advisable that you buy a simple one that will suite your purposes. I’m sure it will be much cheaper. I would also recommend that you choose a camera with a vivid LCD. This enables one to see an image more clearly in bright sunlight surroundings 

Ideal Shopping sites

From this site you can compare read reviews and find out a shopping site that offers competitive prices for digital cameras.

This is another South African site where you can quality digital camera at low prices.

This is another site has best deals for canon digital cameras.

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This is the best famous and popular place to buy digital cameras and accessories like tripod stands, cases, binoculars, laptops, flashes and many more others.

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